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Souls of San Francisco


"Are you two a couple?"
Her - “No, we just met.”
Him - “We did just buy some beer though.”

"What’s you favorite part of being a dad?"
“The first time he learns a new word, or any little tiny hurdles like that mean so much. I really feel like it’s all him. You provide the language and you talk to him all the time, and you read to him, and then he says some word like ‘Hi’ or ‘Dad’ and it’s just such an amazing feeling. So for me the best part is trying to provide the right framework.”

"He’s 1 and he’s really good at leading but he doesn’t like to follow so much, which is important for a 1 year old."

Her - “We make these gypsy halos and travel around selling them. They’re handmade headbands. We wanna spread feelings of being happy and free. We started on Maui but now we live here.”
Him - “I like to wear the daises when I’m feeling innocent, the sunflowers are for when I’m at a festival and want to make a statement.”
“Are you two a couple or just business partners?”
Her - “We’re a couple.”
“What’s your favorite thing about him?”
Her - “His sense of humor. He makes me laugh all the time.”
“And you?”
Him - “The ability of her art, this craftsmanship that she does, to create spontaneous moments of joy.”

"I love food. Living I’m California, we’re spoiled with fresh fruit, so I try to honor it as much as possible. I love perfect summer produce. I’ve been eating lots of pluots, a delicious and somewhat obscure stone fruit hybrid."
“What’s a pluot?”
“It’s a plum and apricot. It has the best qualities of each fruit - sweet flesh, juicy and tart. The best ones have exotic names to match, like, ‘Flavor King’ or ‘Flavor Grenade’. I’m usually enamored with what nature dictates is at its best at the moment. Along those lines, I’ve been eating lots tomatoes and peaches with mild and soft cows cheese like mozzarella, burrata or ricotta. Tear some basil, add olive oil and sea salt…glorious.”
“You do love food, is it just a hobby or are you in the food industry?”
“I’m an editor for an online magazine called Our mission is to help people deepen their connection to food because food is the lens from which I view the world, and can best affect change.”

"I’m studying anthropology with a focus on clothing and adornment."
“How do you see those things being connected?”
“Clothing is materialistic to a certain level, but generally speaking what someone wears talks about not only who they are, but what they’re doing on a given day. Shoes especially. Like I know your shoes have zippers up the sides, they’re kind of sneakers, they’ve got gromets on them as well, a couple studs. There’s a story to where you’re gonna go in those…or any shoes for that matter. Like if you’re wearing sandals, you’re probably not going to go hiking. You create a story with what you’re wearing and sometimes the things you’re wearing have a story too.”
“How so?”
“Like when you buy things from secondhand stores, there are memories attached to them. That’s a big part of what shapes an identity.”

"I’ve been studying computers learning a lot about patterns. The fibonacci sequence came from someone looking at a sunflower and noticing that the pattern inside it was in so many manifestations in nature. I’ve learned that there’s something beyond the technical stuff that the computers are connecting to.”

“I used to be in therapeutic music, but I just finished this software bootcamp called Hack Reactor. It was good because it reengaged certain cognitive facilities that I felt had been atrophying. I was scared to let go of being a musician because I thought I was losing part of my identity, but I realized I just gained a new interface into something really satisfying.”

"I work in a wine bar and I’m studying to be a sommelier."
“What do you love about wine?”
“Everything. It’s super fun to think about. It’s infinitely interesting and always changing. It’s historical. I’m a history geek anyways, and when you learn about wine you get to study history and drink.”

Him - “About 6 months.”
Her - “Not even, I’d say 4. It’s a pretty crazy story though.”
“Let’s hear it.”
Him - “We met on Instagram. My picture got posted on a beard site-
Her - “Wait, let me tell it-
Him - “Ok-“
Her - “So I saw his picture on Instagram and said, ‘Holy crap, you’re so handsome, I wish I didn’t leave Michigan-“
Him - “That’s where I live, and where she’s from. And I said, ‘You’re gorgeous, I wish you didn’t leave too’. And she looks and sees my Facebook page link on my Instagram-“
Her - “And I had only just gotten a Facebook page because I wanted to get a Tinder. So then I go like all his pictures on his Facebook page like a creep-“
Him - “And then she sends me a message saying, ‘you seem like a cool guy, text me’. So I do and BOOM, non-stop texting for a week”
Her - “And after a couple weeks we started Skype-ing-“
Him - “Then after a month she came out to Michigan to visit. She’s been out to Michigan about 4 times and now this is my first time coming to San Francisco.”

Him - “I love that she’s so easy going. Everything I do with her feels natural. There are no freak out moments.”
Her - “Even though I got stung by a bee today. That was kinda freak out.”
Him - “Yeah, but it still was fine.”
Her - “It was fine. I only scared because I had never been stung before.”
Him - “A lot of relationships feel like someone is always trying to cause drama or get attention. We just give each other attention. All we do is care.”

"He’s the best guy I’ve ever met. Heart of gold. Always positive, very calm and proactive. I lost my phone and instead of being like ‘You’re dumb, why’d you do that’ he was just like ‘Okay, let’s find it’."

"So you gonna move out here or what?"
“I’d like to. I need to get a job. I was thinking about doing some modeling, for guys with beards and decent physiques.”
“I’m pretty sure you can swing that here.”

I’m from España. I do a blog too. It’s fashion and I also sell bags I make there.”
“Cool, where can I see it?”

"Are you two a couple?"
Her - “No.”
“Brother and sister?”
Him - “No.”
“You look so in sync though.”
Her - “We just always run into each other randomly. He told me I had good style.”
Him - “When ran into each other when I was walking my roommates dog, I didn’t tell her it was my roommates dog at first, and we started walking together, she picked up her dog and then we got to Dolores Park-“
Her - “-and then he had this confession-“
Him - “-I was like ‘hey, I have to tell you something…this is not my dog. I have a feeling we’re gonna hang out again so I want you to know this is not my dog’.”

"What do you guys like to do in the city?"
Her - “A lot of walking, a lot of margaritas, a lot of hanging out.”
Him - “Music, lots of music, concerts, writing music.”
Her - “I surf a lot, and hang out in parks.”

"How’d you two meet?"
Left - “I met her at her job. She worked at a specialty liquor store, really delicious little food items. She was working it, had the attitude, and I was like…’who’s that’? The rest is history.”
“What’s your favorite thing about her?”
Left - “Her laugh.”
Right - “My laugh?”
Left - “Yeah, your sense of humor.”
Right - “I am pretty funny.”
“What’s your favorite thing about her?”
Right - “Oh gosh…her booty.”

"My favorite thing about being a mom is the love I have for my girls. Raising kids is a lot of work, but it’s the only thing in the world that isn’t complicated. I just love them with my whole self."

"Also, having kids has made me less selfish and more flexible."

"That sounds wonderful. What do you like to do when you’re not with your little one?"
“I’ve always been interested in art, photography, and especially fashion. I began collecting vintage clothing with the hopes of one day opening a shop. Six months ago, I started taking photos of my friends in the clothes I was buying. I didn’t even know how to use my camera, but I loved taking pictures, capturing the beauty of the everyday and my own view of the world. Now, I can’t stop. I started the Sunday blog this past January, and it has been a wonderful way to organize my photos but also my thoughts. I’m so grateful to have found this creative outlet for myself. This August, I’m launching my online vintage shop. We’ll see what happens.”

"In my 4th grade science class I teach kids that science is everything. Like with plants, which are called producers because they produce their own food. Or the worms we see in the ground, which are decomposers because they break down dead material and contribute to the soil. There’s friction when you hit the brakes in a car. The seat belt in the car stops your inertia…it’s everywhere."

"Last year was my first year teaching, I used to be in telecommunications. I went back to school while I was working and got my masters in teaching. I didn’t dislike my job, but I wasn’t fulfilled. If you go to your job and you’re not passionate about it, it starts to wear on you."

"I teach 1st grade which is great because I like to act silly and the kids like to act silly."

"When I started school I was a biology major and it was way too sedentary. I needed something where I was moving around and interacting. My kids are great for that…they’re so much fun!"

"I’ve been the school nurse at Centennial for 13 years, in Atlanta in general for 30."
“What’s your favorite part of your job?”
“My passion is working with the kids with various disabilities, learning disabilities, ADD, autism. I became a nurse at Mays years ago because my oldest son has learning disabilities and ADD and I wanted to be an advocate for him. He has since got his undergrad at Fam, grad school Morehouse School of Medicine, and PHD at UGA. He teaches at Mercer now.”

“He still has dyslexia and all those things. I like to be able to talk to the parents to help them come out of denial. Let’s deal with this and look at the resources we have to help your child. Learn how to be supportive instead of thinking your child can’t be successful. I also have a little grandson who’s in the autism spectrum.”
“It’s beautiful how you’re shepherding these people.”
“I’m certainly well past retirement ago but I enjoy what I do.”