Souls of San Francisco


“I’m 5th generation Chinese American and Japanese America. My mom is Chinese and my dad is Japanese. My dad is from Hawaii. He came out here in the 60’s so he’s kinda one of those. My mom’s side of the family built the railroads, and they’re also part of the underground society. The Tongs and the Triad. When my grandpa was really little there would be opium traders coming through his home. My great grandfather was part of the Tong. He owned 3 blocks in Chinatown.”
“Is that like gangs? The Lucky Luciano’s of Chinatown?”
“Yeah! During the 70’s there were a lot of shootings. It was called the golden dragon massacre. It was a huge massacre between the Tongs and the Jo boys. It was when my mom was in high school, a lot of her friends got shot. There’s so much history here.”

“I’ve been teaching dance to kids since the late 80’s.”
“How has working with kids changed your life?”
“Oh man, so much. The creativeness and that innocence in children is so important. So valuable. I take them to hospitals and senior centers to perform and sing for patients. We dance!”
“I bet that that’s so much light for them.”
“There’s one woman who said it was better than any medication that she gets. It brings them back to life. They sit in their wheelchairs for hours, but when the kids come they start moving and clapping. There was this woman who always had this angry look on her face, but the kids opened her up and I realized the look on her face had nothing to do with what she felt inside. She passed away and the kids were able to deal with it. They have no problem understanding the finality of life.”

“What’s one of your favorite things about your sister?”
Left - “That’s she’s the opposite side of my being. She’s perfectly complimentary.”
“And what about you?”
Right - “When it counts, she’s really not scared of what other people think.”

"What do you love most about living in Oakland?"
“That you can be as weirdly unique as you wanna be.”

“What’s your purpose?”
“My purpose is to do good through entrepreneurship, to find a way to give back to those who need it. To help people to see the world differently. To help people be more mindful of their surroundings. I do that with some artwork of mine.”
“What’s the artwork?”
“It’s called ‘I See Faces Too’. I take pictures of faces in found objects and then sell art and merchandise that I see to benefit a non-profit that provides after school programs for children and at risk families in the Bayview-Hunter’s Point area.”

Love straight from the Source

“I moved here a week ago from Virgin Islands. I’m a DJ and a visual artist. My song is called Light of the Trinity.”
“Where do you get your inspiration for your visual art?”
“It’s inspired by Ethiopian spirituality, the order of Melchizedek. It’s a spiritual realm that Christ was on. It’s a certain type of meditation, a certain realm, a certain manner.”
“Is it related to Kriya yoga? I heard Jesus did that to become fully activated in his body.”
“Yeah. Exactly. So I’m about that and Pelpa. It’s slang from the islands, it means you’re independent and you do your own thing. You came from the ground up not with your hand out.”

“The thing I like most about this fair is that it’s so open with kink sexuality and BDSM. They try to make everybody feel comfortable with whatever they’re into because all this stuff is so taboo right now. Here everyone is just themselves and they’re so amazingly happy. Some people think of it as Halloween costumes but this is our life. For me, I like being a slave.”
“What does that mean?”
“It means I have a daddy or a dom and I do whatever he tells me because I like serving him and seeing him happy. My needs get met when he feels good enough to meet them. It’s fun because I have to earn my next anal play or my next spanking. It’s like ‘Oh no, I made daddy mad, now I get punished.’”

“We’re called the party crew. We were established last year.”
“What’s your favorite festival?”
“EDC of course. It’s thousands of people gathering together. You can’t beat that. You cannot beat that. And they’re all there for the same reason.”
“What’s the reason?”
“It’s all about love.”

I am so grateful for my experience at ‪Bliss Camp‬. It was one of the highest vibration transformational festivals I’ve ever been to. It’s amazing what kind of world we can create with the common intention of love.

I know we’re all used to hearing ‘love is the way’. We know in our hearts that this is true, but a lot of the time that remains an idea of the mind. Something to strive for, but unachievable. At Bliss camp it was more than an idea, it was full embodiment. The collective decision by everyone there to be present and open transported me to a different dimension. A different level of consciousness.

I experienced oneness. A feeling of love so omnipresent and unlike the normal human experience it scared me a bit. I was able to interact with the world through the perspective of my higher self. I saw through the veil into the holographic nature of the universe.

It was an experience that fundamentally changed who I am as a person. I realized the name Garry just doesn’t resonate with me anymore. It never really did. I never saw myself that way. When I speak the word I feel like it comes from a nasally place. I feel like I have to contract my throat to say it. I am ready to release that contraction and open in my divinity. I am ready to release the trauma I incurred in childhood, in relationships, and through lack of self love throughout my life. I am ready to release my attachment to ego that thinks it’s in control.

The name that came to me in this state is Dijon. When I speak it, my throat is open. When I speak it, I draw air out from the area in my high heart. This is the space I want all the vibrations that emanate from me to come from.

I am ready to give back because I have been given so much. I recognize the only reason I exist is to be a conduit of the divine source of love that created the universe and everything in it. I embrace my role to nurture that divine spark until it burst into a flame that transforms everything it touches. I am grateful for the love and support I’ve had from you to get to this place.

I surrender. I am humbly yours. I AM Dijon.

“What have you learned from being here?”
“Safety. It’s safe to be me.”
“What parts of yourself do you feel like you let out that you were hiding before?”
“Probably some of the tentacles underneath my feet onto the ground, I’ve kinda let those come down and suction onto the ground. I have more spatial service area of the ground to own my presence in.”

Activated by rainbows

“Ever think what the wars are fought for? Ever dream that the world could be more? My stand, my life, our earth, one chance. We can do it together.”


"When I was dealing antiques in Nantucket MA, I kept hearing a voice that was telling me to go to the California summer music festival scene. I ignored it for a while not quite knowing what it meant and thought I was content living my luxurious life. The call became so strong that it was impossible to ignore. I became swept up in the festivals on Maui and Bali and was delivered to earthdance on my way back to Nantucket. I finally felt like I was home, like I
found my tribe, my true self. I saw how I was just trying to fit into a society I didn’t believe in. By my 33rd birthday I completely walked away from my old life in pursuit of happiness and my true self. The past four years have been the most healing and transformative of my life. I have found the family of choice. Some of the most beautiful, brilliant, ingenious, creative, talented, loving, spiritual souls on the planet. And for that I give thanks.”

“How do you want to affect change in the world?”
“I want to inspire people to really look deeply into their darkness and learn to love themselves. It’s a lot easier than they think. And the rewards are endless.”