Souls of San Francisco


“When I was a pre-teen I was interested in ghosts and spirits. I got a ouija board and I loved it. I played with it all the time. I got interested in the spirit realm and invited in a bunch of bad ghosts. Not bad, it was just opening the door for all these things to come in. The house got haunted and I had to do all these clearings. I learned how to cleanse in that way from a book called ‘Sacred Space’. I used a technique called Rainbow Water where you put intention into water and you put it in a spray bottle and spray it around the room. Whatever intention you bring will come. So through exercises like that I learned there the house was fine. No more incidents.”
“So what’s the difference between a bad spirit and a good spirit?”
“Well I would say that all spirits are the same, but the emotion that is caught with them could be a bad emotion like anger, they could have had a terrible death or been murdered and still be angry over it. I think more of the vibration of hate and anger, all the things you would consider non-loving would be bad. Good would be love. What’s the opposite of love…hate. So you would have hate and you would have love.”
“I think the opposite of love is fear.”
“Fear…yeah, that works too.”

“I recently finished law school but I really didn’t enjoy it because it was such a negative, competitive environment. I’m looking for something more collaborative…more people working together.”
“So you’re not planning on practicing law?”
“Definitely not.”
“When did your realize it wasn’t for you?”
“I’d say within the first 8 months. I just finished because I didn’t know what else to do.”

“What are your gifts? And how do you want to use them to make the world a better place?”
“My gifts are my life, my energy, and my time. I’m using them to help people heal their relationships with the planet and live a more sustainable lifestyle. I’m hoping that in the future as individuals and people we can live in a way that’s more in harmony with nature.”

"Basically, I love that there are people here that can’t normally afford a music festival."
“Do you think the festival being free makes for a different vibe?”
“Most definitely, check it out. You’re going to see the plethora of all that are typically in a park. Let’s look around. There’s a family with kids, this guy…hammered, probably a bottle somewhere nearby. That guy is cold chilling. Some street kids with a ginormous dog. That guy over there has been a hippie for way too long. Some hippie chicks that just got outta school for some kind of break. We’ve got everything.”

Peace and Love

"I’ve got the Flower Power!"

Her- “We’re gonna open up our own shop called the Forest Temple. It’s gonna be energy healing during the day and art gallery by night.”
“Do you do the energy healing?”
Her - “Yeah, Reiki and stuff like that.”
“How’d you learn you could do stuff like that?”
Her - “I went to massage school and learned from a man who traveled to China for 20 years and brought it back. I took a workshop from him.”
“Cool, what kind of art do you make?”
Him - “Graphic illustration. Check me out, my instagram is hellajimmytho.”

"You look like you’re enjoying yourself. What do you love about this festival?"
“It’s my first time here. I just got here a little bit ago.”
“Whaddya think?”
“Lots of people, lots of pretty girls, lots of hot hippie girls dude.”

"I love to dance and hula hoop!"
“What’s your dream?”
“To dance as much as possible…which I’m doing. I’m a go-go freestyle dancer and I teach dance fitness classes.”

“Dope tattoo homey, that’s the eye of Ra right? What do you know about it?”
“The Eye of Ra is the 2nd Sun god after Horus. It’s actually the sign of femininity but I like it because it fuckin protects me. It reminds me to stay home and nurture, you know what I’m saying? The sun is the most powerful thing in our little realm, the universe goes on and on. Right here, right now, that’s where the power’s at.”
“You seem like a cosmic dude, how’d you get tapped in like that?”
“Back in the day I used to gang bang and shit like that. I’m from Tacoma, Washington. By chance I started hitchhiking and went to Southern California to kick it with some homies and shit. Shit happened and I was just like ‘fuck it’, I’m gonna go back home, I don’t have scratch but I’m gonna run that shit. I started heading from LA and by the time I got to Arcata I was like, ‘Damn man, people can stick out their thumb and go anywhere? Fuck that, why am I going home right now?’ So I kept pushing for 7 years. Now it’s mad psychedelics, ayahuasca, fuckin mushrooms, DMT and shit. I’m just trying to get whole, collect my soul back.”

"What’s your purpose?"
“My purpose to is spread cheer and light to my community. Ever since I was a child, I have always wanted to make people feel better. So, it was a natural progression into becoming a nurse. Caring for the ill and the elderly, and providing them with comfort when they are scared and vulnerable is what I do to try to make the world a better place!”

Left - “Our family used to get angry with us at the dinner table because we would be giggling and talking to each other in a way that was incomprehensible. They thought that was very annoying.”
“You had your own language?”
Left - “I guess we did, I never was aware of it as it’s own language but I guess it was because people couldn’t understand it.”
Right - “We used to build bamboo teepees in the vacant lot next to our house and play make believe games. Sometimes we had tea parties with half and half.”
“Sounds like a pretty unique bond.”
“Yeah, we shared a womb.”

“What’s one of your favorite things about her?”
Him - “She always intuitive about what’s going on. She’s connected to the airwaves and that’s very important. She can find anything. She clears the confusion, makes it more simple.”
“That’s quite a compliment. Great trait to have in a partner. What about you?”
Her - “He’s very very kind.”

"Tell me about this tattoo, it’s epic!”
“So I’m from Southern California and I grew up in the hills of the desert. There’s a lot of coyotes and crows. The crow represents the mystery in life, the unknown, what you can’t understand. I got that close to my heart because the mystery is so fun to explore. The coyote is the symbol of home so I keep that on the other side.”
“Cool man, I feel like the artistry of the tattoo and the story behind it are both on a super high level.”
“Thanks man.”
“Yeah, what’s your favorite part of this scene?”
“Honestly what it is is how open and friendly people are. People are open and willing to have a conversation on the bus. Not as much now, but definitely when I first moved here.”

“We got Flower Power!!”
“What happens when you get activated by the Flower Power?”
“You know…it’s like…flowers grow everywhere. Everyone sees flowers…but the moment you transition from just looking at them to appreciating flowers and wearing them, and being like them…that’s when you know Flower Power.”